Hello All, 

We are mid way through March and our Snowbirds preparing to head home for the summer.  We have added a check list for closing up your home until fall.
One item not on the list is making sure that your home is pressure washed prior to leaving, please remember the north side of the home tends to turn green faster then the rest of the home.   
Please pay special attention to #4.  
Stop by the office if you would like a hard copy of the list.  

Closing-up Checklist
         Things to do before leaving for the summer
Make outside mower friendly, and spray for weeds before leaving.
Have a local summer caregiver and give the name/number of person to office.
Spray for ants before leaving.
Put away ALL outside lawn furniture, hoses, barbeque grills, statues, fountains, etc.
Un-Plug all electrical appliances and computers.
Make sure sheds are hurricane tied-down and security locked.
Discard all perishable food items.
Make sure all smoke alarms are working and have fresh batteries.
Turn refrigerator and freezer off. Prop doors open.
Put plastic wrap over toilet and tank to prevent water from evaporating.
If you leave air on, set thermostat at 80-90 degrees (set it on cool and auto).
Put fresh batteries in thermostats.
If you have a humistat, set to 65.
Clean or replace your air conditioner filter.
Turn water OFF.
Turn off hot water heaters.
Close and lock windows and doors before you leave.
Forward your mail and put a block in your mail box.
Make sure office has your correct address, phone#, email, and a set of keys, if you want
Put Phone and cable “on vacation”.
Return all books, puzzles, videos and DVDs to Community Library.
Call the Electric Company and give them your summer address.
Put all awnings down and secure.
The Community website has a community channel for major news events and severe storm conditions.
We will list major community damages and a general status of homes: Our password is:_Frlnresident______.